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Waterless UV LED semi rotari web press
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Waterless UV LED semi rotari web press

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Waterless offset and letterpress Intermittent semi rotari roll to roll printing press with UV LED dryer.


Press is like new test ran only a few hundred hours of  production, and could be tested in Belgrade Serbia.

Perfect press for printing on to difficult substrates like IML and shrink sleeve films.

Because of UV LED drying , printing is with perfect Registration on 50 or 60 microns films.

Waterless offset printing is the highest quality full color printing as there is no water in printing proccess 

Waterless is also preferable printing technique for printing vine labela.

Press has 6 color units + Flexo varnish+ cold lamination.

Max printing size is 380 mm wide x 290 mm long at speed of up to 10.000 prints per hour.

Each  printing unit could be waterless or letterpress.

There are 12 waterless cylinders for mounting waterless offset plate and 4 letterpress cylinders.

This is very convenient because operator could mount plate for new job while machine is running.

Press is upgraded wit hot air dryer on flexo unit so it could  inline dry waterbased varnish  and also with conventional UV mercury lamp dryer on 6th color station.

Press was Made by reputabile Chinese Company  with high quality foreign parts specified by User.

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ItemSpecifications Unit 
Web Width380 mm 
Max. Print Size380×290 mm
Max. Print SPeed10000times/hour
Max. Diameter Unfeeding800mm
Max. Diameter Feeding800mm
Print Length80-300mm
Precision Of Second Print0.05mm 
Thickness Of Print Material40-420g/㎡ 
Power38 for 6 colorsKW( 3Phase, 220V, 50/60HZ) 
UV32 KW( 3Phase, 380V, 50/60HZ) 
Dimension of machine8000×1600×1700 mm
Machine weight≈9000(for 6 colors)KG